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Robin Sharan, Director of the Aannapurna Center for Self-Healing
Robin Sharan, Director of the Annapurna Center for Self Healing

Robin Sharan, Director of the Annapurna Center for Self Healing in Port Townsend, Washington, has dedicated nearly four decades to the exploration of healing modalities that have stood the test of time—reflexology, massage, yoga, hands-on healing, food-as-a-healing-modality, as well as liver/gallbladder flushing. These are all ancient healing technologies. As the scientific method is based on the concepts of reliability and validity, these modalities that The Annapurna employs have stood the test of time and they produce consistent results.


1973—BA in Psychology and Social Work from Northeastern University
1975—Certified Reflexologist—studied under Ina Bryant in Phoenix, AZ (Ina was taught by Eunice Ingham-Stopfel)
1982— Certified Yoga Instructor—studied under Baba Hari Das at The Mount Madonna Center in California
1987 —Certified Cranio/Sacral Therapist— studied under Judith Bradley in the John Upledger tradition in Victoria and Vancouver B.C.
1998Live Culinary Arts Associate Chef—studied under Cheri Soria at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
1989—Certified Massage Therapist—Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA
2000—Tropical Live Food Preparation – studied under Aris LaTham, author of “Sunfire Cuisine,” in Jamaica (LaTham has served tropical cuisine to some of the most enlightened people on the planet, such as Martin Luther King and Bob Marley)
Gallbladder Flush Technique— a course in Maui, facilitated by Annie Jubb
Divine Intervention with Cathy Pfeil
2001—Hands-On Healing, Divine Intervention— by Cathy Pfeil, student of Star Fuentes, Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy
Vipassana Meditation—at the Northwest Vipassana Center in Ethel, WA

Robin did extensive research on food, healing retreats and detoxification strategies. It was only when she took a gallbladder/liver flush seminar in Maui with Annie Jubb that she realized how pivotal this program is. The beauty of Robin’s communication is that it is with quips and fun, humor and delight. She is quick to respond when people laugh with “I made you laugh.” She evokes laughter and create a joyous approach to healing, knowing that laughter is the very best medicine ever. When one laughs there is a jiggling of the common bile duct which tends to drop toxins from the liver and gallbladder; it suddenly and subtly has you feeling better.

To add color, depth and texture to this program Robin likens the liver to the Wizard and the intestines to the Yellow Brick Road. The gallbladder is the purse of the liver’s bile and the bile, when it flows, is the precious golden fluid that unlocks the nutrients from our food that in turn, nourishes our body. Bile is also the natural laxative that helps us to remove the unnecessary.

This program, which Robin and her staff have honed for over ten years, reaches beyond physical healing and accesses the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. The excitement that happens is punctuated by the hugs and deep gratitude for a new found methodology that really works. You can see it and you can feel it at The Annapurna—we honor you for your desire and commitment to change.

Robin Sharan has had a life-long fascination with the concepts of wellness and healing. Since the age of seven, she has experienced recurring dreams of wearing a white tunic with a stethescope over her shoulders while introducing people to exotic fruits and vegetables that she didn’t even know existed. Since 1972, she has followed the spirit of her dreams by devoting her life to healing. Her specific focus is on educating people so that they may regain health through self-empowerment.

In her childhood, Robin had seven operations in an attempt to heal incpacitating earaches from which she suffered. At the age of 24, while living in Tempe, Arizona, she was introduced to reflexology which stopped the pain of her earache after only a few moments. It was at this point in her life she decided to study this ancient, powerful method of healing.

She studied with Ina Bryant in Phoenix, Arizona, who had been practicing for 40 years. Ina was taught by and was a direct student of Eunice Ingham-Stopfel, who was considered to be the leading-edge authority on reflexology in the United States from the beginning of its western roots. Robin has been practicing reflexology for decades.

Since 1978, she attended annual yoga retreats that inspired her to practice and teach and received her yoga teaching certification under the guidance of Baba Hari Das at The Mount Madonna Center in California in 1982.

Later, in 1987, while working at Salt Spring Center, she was inspired to study with Judith Bradley cranio/sacral therapy in the Upledger tradition after witnessing a powerful and immediate healing of a colleague with severe back pain. In 1988, during an annual Yoga retreat with Baba Hari Das, he strongly suggested that she get licensed to be a massage therapist. In 1989, she was licensed as a massage therapist from the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, Washington.

In 1989 The Annapurna Retreat Center evolved with the focus on healing retreats in picturesque Port Townsend, Washington. Health luminaries such as John and Deo Robbins, David Wolfe, David Jubb, Annie Jubb, and the Boutenko family have stayed at The Annapurna and shared their wisdom.

In 1996, Robin took a sabbatical and worked at The Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico. Their mission is to promote self healing through The Living Foods Lifestyle. During that time, Robin studied all aspects of this program. Upon her return to The Annapurna, she began to incorporate all that she had learned. She shifted from a vegan diet to a vegan live food diet. She gave her stove away which was already collecting dust. From then on, The Annapurna Retreat became known as The Annapurna Center for Self Healing.

Robin attended programs with Cherie Soria and became a certified Live Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor in 1998. Cherie creates gorgeous gourmet cuisine that reflects who she really is! Her first book is titled “Angel Foods, Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies.”

In Jamaica, Robin studied tropical live food preparation with Aris LaTham, who has prepared live food for such brilliant people as Martin Luther King and Bob Marley. She also studied with Annie Jubb, co-author of the “Lifefood Recipe Book grasping the connection between physiology, live food and the deep cleansing technique of gallbladder/liver clearing. This has become a major inspiration for The Annapurna Protocol.

She has studied Vipassana meditation taught by S.N. Goenka and his students, as well as Divine Intervention, a hands-on healing technique in the Cuarandera tradition, taught by Starr Fuentes and Cathy Pfeil. Robin’s diverse and extensive range of skills facilitates a well-rounded holistic approach. This enables her to pursue her passion and commitment educating people so that they empower themselves to restore their own health and well being.

In 2019 Robin Sharan published a book Liver & Gallbladder Super Cleanse Now Made Simple for You!

The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com and at the Annapurna Center for Self-Healing