Liver & Gallbladder Super Cleanse Protocol

The New Book:

Liver & Gallbladder Super Cleanse Protocol Now Made Simple for You!


Celebrating the Life
of Your Liver

This protocol of liver and gallbladder flushing
can be a thrilling roller coaster ride
where the highs exhilarate and the instructive lows reflect deep systemic healing even beyond
the physical into the depths of emotional, mental,
and even spirit realms. 

This program is not just designed to drop some stone material from the rump, it segues into a path to change the angle of your mind toward your highest and best self interest. Making fun, though never pointing a finger, is my aim for this book. Keeping you entertained is allowing ease to grow with imagination and creativity. This is basic biology not just made simple, but fun and remember fun must always come before the…unctional.

Be aware and beware, you can be assured that emotional states will be surfacing.

If you are willing and ready to dis the dis in disease, if you are ready to venture into insights into your insides by traveling the Yellow Brick Road to the Wizard of the Gizzard, The Liver, which clearly reflects your outer reality, and his trusted assistant, the gallbladder, then this book is for you.

I intend to be your guide to introduce you to your personal Guru who resides always within…Your Liver!


The book is available for purchase at the Annapurna Center for Self-Healing
and for consultations.

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