Mary Ann Dow Testimonial

If you could prevent having most age-related degenerative diseases as you grew older, would you do it? If you could avoid feeding the medical-pharmacutical mega corporate complex, would you do it?

Two weeks ago utterly exhausted and past the end of my rope, I finally called Robin Sharan at Annapurna in Port Townsend and made my reservation for two consecutive liver/gallbladder flushes. I put myself in her hands.

Robin has spent 35 years learning and putting her knowledge into action to help all those who cross her path. She provides intuitive counseling, a large library of books and videos and a special place to stay. She has total dedication to her personal revolution of bringing us to sustainable self-healing. Using alkaline (Kangen) water, raw organic food, internal cleansing, reflexology, massage and yoga, she guides you through the days. Her inn has steam and infared sauna for the use of her clients and guests. Both wise woman and Jewish Mother she prodded me on.

At age 62, I drug myself to her door feeling about 90 years old, depressed, stiff, in total body pain, deep exhaustion, eyes and knees giving out, with multi-chemical sensitivities and  fibromyalgia.  In just 8 full days and 2 half days, after following the program for 2 liver/gallbladder flushes, I feel like the walking miracle. I have plenty of stable energy, flexibility, all pain is gone, my knees are 75% back to normal, my food cravings are gone and I lost over 20 pounds. I feel calm and positive. I have since learned that when we cleanse the liver of stones and the intestines of parasites, we begin to give our bodies the ability to heal because our liver can do its job and the intestines can absorb nutrients essential to optimum health.

In my case, I released hundreds of stones, some hitchhikers and other results of eating the western diet for most of my life.  The alkaline water and raw food diet changes the body from acidic to alkaline relieving many conditions resulting from the American lifestyle.

As an unexpected plus, I received two treatments with the Perfector for my face. I was paralyzed from a difficult birth for my first month on my right side so my face has always been uneven. Those sessions helped to restore my face to match the left side and removed a few wrinkles at the same time. What can I say but I’m amazed!!!

I left Port Townsend in the early evening in a hurry to get on the road while it was still light, because I have been having difficulty seeing while driving at night. As the light faded and the headlights were coming at me about halfway home I realized, my night vision was restored. I could see just fine.

To you Robin, I extend my overwhelming gratitude for discovering the path to sustainable wellness and to your heart of gold. I raise my glass full of fresh juice in a toast to you!

Mary Ann Dow

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