Healthy Cooking Classes

Helathy Cooking Classes with Robin Sharan

Robin Sharan, Director of the Annapurna Center for Self Healing, and healthy cook extraordinaire, will teach three healthy cooking classes this April on self healing food, general healthy cooking, and how to make a decadent but healthy dessert. Class size will be limited to 14 students.
Healthy Cooking Classes with Robin Sharan

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Annapurna Supper Club

Multi-course organic vegan fare
Live and hot
Seasonal, locally sourced
Healthful and healing

The Annapurna Organic Supper Club Starts on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.

The Supper Club of Port Townsend-presents

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Mary Ann Dow Testimonial

If you could prevent having most age-related degenerative diseases as you grew older, would you do it? If you could avoid feeding the medical-pharmacutical mega corporate complex, would you do it?

Two weeks ago utterly exhausted and past the end of my rope, I finally called Robin Sharan at Annapurna in Port Townsend and made my reservation for two consecutive liver/gallbladder flushes. I put myself in her hands.

Robin has spent 35 years learning and putting her knowledge into action to help all those who cross her path. She provides intuitive counseling, a large library of books and videos and a special place to stay. She has total dedication to her personal revolution of bringing us to sustainable self-healing. Using alkaline (Kangen) water, raw organic food, internal cleansing, reflexology, massage and yoga, she guides you through the days. Her inn has steam and infared sauna for the use of her clients and guests. Both wise woman and Jewish Mother she prodded me on.

At age 62, I drug myself to her door feeling about 90 years old, depressed, stiff, in total body pain, deep exhaustion, eyes and knees giving out, with multi-chemical sensitivities and  fibromyalgia.  In just 8 full days and 2 half days, after following the program for 2 liver/gallbladder flushes, I feel like the walking miracle. I have plenty of stable energy, flexibility, all pain is gone, my knees are 75% back to normal, my food cravings are gone and I lost over 20 pounds. I feel calm and positive. I have since learned that when we cleanse the liver of stones and the intestines of parasites, we begin to give our bodies the ability to heal because our liver can do its job and the intestines can absorb nutrients essential to optimum health.

In my case, I released hundreds of stones, some hitchhikers and other results of eating the western diet for most of my life.  The alkaline water and raw food diet changes the body from acidic to alkaline relieving many conditions resulting from the American lifestyle.

As an unexpected plus, I received two treatments with the Perfector for my face. I was paralyzed from a difficult birth for my first month on my right side so my face has always been uneven. Those sessions helped to restore my face to match the left side and removed a few wrinkles at the same time. What can I say but I’m amazed!!!

I left Port Townsend in the early evening in a hurry to get on the road while it was still light, because I have been having difficulty seeing while driving at night. As the light faded and the headlights were coming at me about halfway home I realized, my night vision was restored. I could see just fine.

To you Robin, I extend my overwhelming gratitude for discovering the path to sustainable wellness and to your heart of gold. I raise my glass full of fresh juice in a toast to you!

Mary Ann Dow

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I'd been on Paxil for 7 years…

I stayed at the Annapurna for two weeks and did two gallbladder flushes. I’d been on Paxil for 7 years, originally put on it for postpartum depression after my 4th child. I tried several times to stop taking it but became very emotional and had some odd physical symptoms associated with it. Last year I learned that GSK, the company who makes Paxil, was being sued because they failed to notify doctors and patients about the potential for severe withdrawal symptoms. At that point I realized that the symptoms I had when I tried to stop the drug were not my depression returning but withdrawal symptoms. I withdrew from the drug 8 months ago. It was a very long hard ordeal, and I had many symptoms including physical, emotional and neurological. Even being off the drug for 8 months, I was still having many problems including fatigue, neurological symptoms, muscle aches, mood swings, and sleep problems. All the symptoms were severe enough to make everyday tasks very difficult. I’ve gone to numerous doctors and was told the Paxil did not cause this, however, my body was telling me different. Through the website, I met a woman who came to the Annapurna with her son. Her son had also had a severe reaction to stopping the Paxil and a few weeks after receiving the gallbladder/liver flushes, was feeling much back to normal. Hence, I came here.

The first flush was very difficult as I released a lot of toxins. One night I woke up with severe shaking, which I’d had in the early Paxil withdrawal stages. Robin put me on the colonic table at 3:00 a.m. and the shaking stopped. It wasn’t until after the second flush that I really noticed changes. In total I probably released around 100 or so stones. I plan to return home and do a 3rd flush.

My stay at the Annapurna was very relaxing. Although the gallbladder flush was more work than I had imagined, I am feeling the benefits. The organic food, which mostly consisted of soups and smoothies during the flushes, was made every day and delivered nutrients to enhance the healing process. Throughout the process, Robin provided information as to what was being done and why, and as a result, I know more about how to help my body continue to heal.

The people working here are absolutely wonderful. Ciela, the chef and hydrotherapist, made great food. She catered to the body, mind and spirit in a gentle and kind way. She was very patient during difficult moments and was available to answer questions or just to have a conversation with.

Sheila, who did all types of necessary tasks around the Annapurna, was very helpful and caring to guests as well. If you needed anything, she was happy to do it for you, whether it was doing laundry, finding the caster oil, or finding a place to rent a good video.
The Annapurna treats the whole person. I came here for treatments for symptoms, and left with tools to continue my way to healing.

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Moriah-Melin Whoolilurie

Subject: love and white light health insurance

Dearest Robyn,
John and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing healing which you helped us discover within ourselves. Of course we all are our inner “doctors,” but with the amount of damage which our bodies carried we could not have found this path of health and personal harmony without your help…..we had tried…..with no luck…..and now we sure feel lucky to have you in our lives.

I truly feel better than I have felt since I was a young strong child and the world seemed so much simpler. The Annapurna helped me experience a miracle. Although deep in my heart I knew I had the potential for perfect health, I was so far from it that I thought it impossible……NOT ANY MORE!

I feel great….truly great and I thank you from the top of my heart.
In Peace and Love and Hope….

- Moriah-Melin Whoolilurie

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Martha M.

I wanted to write this testimonial for the Annapurna Center for Self Healing because I believe it will give hope to people suffering from similar conditions to mine.

I was diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivities and fibromyalgia. For ten years I traveled great distances and spent a lot of money trying to get help. I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic, Virginia Mason Hospital, University of Washington Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences, all to no avail.

I am so grateful I heard about the Annapurna. I initially came for a colonic but I was open to the idea of a gall bladder flush when Robin mentioned it. I had read about these flushes before but I was reluctant to try it alone at home. Doing it at the Annapurna, where I would be monitored, seemed like a much better idea. I’m so glad I did it this way as I did encounter a problem with the flush. My body released so many stones (3 pounds!) that they created a wall of stones in my lower large intestine. Nothing could come through!

Fortunately, Robin knew that doing a colonic would dislodge this wall of stones (no emergency room could have solved this problem.) I released so many stones that Robin said it was the equivalent of three gall bladder flushes and that I had to be releasing stones from my liver as well. It was truly amazing to watch all these stones go by in the clear plastic tube. It was like a meteor shower! After the gall bladder flush, I felt tremendous! I felt much stronger and my pain from fibromyalgia was greatly reduced. Before this flush, I could only sleep about three hours before waking up in pain. I now began to sleep for a blissful nine hours and wake up feeling well rested.

Previously, I was also having a lot of difficulty with my eyes. I was diagnosed with blephoritis (a chronic inflammation of the eyelids) and very dry eyes. Each night I put ointment on my eyelids but each morning my eyes would be stinging, dry and irritated. After the gall bladder flush, I now wake up and my eyes feel fine. I now have an adequate supply of tears and my eyes are fine throughout the day. I can even “tear up” occasionally now.

A great side benefit to doing the gall bladder flush was the people began to tell me I looked better. I think this is because the colonic hydrates your whole body. I previously had a “sunken eyed” look but now the area around my eyes looks hydrated and normal again. I also have a healthier color to my face.

I strongly believe that many of the illnesses people suffer from today are caused by the many chemicals and toxins in our environment. I’ve learned too that these toxins are stored in our body and impair its functioning. I firmly believe that the way to health is to flush these toxins (contained in the stones mentioned above) out so that the gall bladder, liver and intestines can function normally again. Then the body can heal itself!

- Martha M.

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Camille Urueta, LMP

Thank you Robin for all of your valuable information that you shared with me this week. After this week, and my prep week at home, I have a new appreciation for food and the role it has in my life. As a size 24, I never thought I could say this, but after this entire experience, I feel like I can have a healthy relationship with food. That belief is invaluable to me. My husband and I have been vegetarians for the last five years. He grew up in a military household as a third generation Marine. War was glorified in his home. I have witnessed his transformation to a peacemaker since giving up meat. I, too, have left the “fire” of my anger with the animal products. Raw foods was a new approach for me. (How sad that food in its natural state is “novel.”) I learned different ways of cooking–oops, creating–that I know I will take home.

I also learned to find my voice this week, both from the breathing class, and listening to my body’s needs. Usually my body is so full of sugar, dairy, etc. that the wants of my body have been like a distant voice in a crowd. This week has brought me back “home” to my body. Thanks for everything!

- Camille Urueta, LMP
Seattle, Washington

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Tracey P. Stover, Facilitator

Finding the Annapurna Center for Self Healing was a blessing and an amazing resource. Robin, the proprietress, creates a healing environment that embraces the “one who is ready.” I was ready. Thirty-six hours later, I was well rested, deeply cleansed and satiated by the delicious organic live foods. I was pampered in the marble mosaic steam room and detoxified in the far-infrared sauna. I have three words—thank you, Robin!
P.S. This is where healers heal.

- Tracey P. Stover, Facilitator
Transformational Breathing

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D.

The Annapurna is a refuge of tranquility and inspiration of simple living, in tune with nature. The atmosphere is delightful, the food heavenly, and the massage, reflexology treatments deeply healing. I’m amazed by the persistent commitment to spreading the message of healing and having fun!

- Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D.
The Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine
Edmonds, Washington

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Dr. Catherin Maxwell

Robin has had training in numerous healing techniques and is good at all of them. She really takes on a patient—I felt she carried me thru the whole experience-made excellent suggestions the way-made the healing results more profound.

- Dr. Catherin Maxwell
Seattle, Washington

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Lemoine Redford

Robin’s reflexology matches her colonic expertise, and I’ve had plenty of foot work. I highly recommend including it with the colonic protocol because I believe it encouraged better release. The Annapurna Center for Self Healing is a cocoon of healing and renewal. It heads the TOP OF THE LIST!

- Lemoine Redford
Seattle, Washington

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The best detox experience

An excellent cleansing experience. The personal supervision and care far exceeded the experience I had at O.H.I.(several visits). As a result, the healing effects are profound here…The best detox experience I’ve ever had! I’ll be back.

- Name Withheld

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Looking forward to returning for the gall bladder flush

My stay here at Annapurna was nurturing, healing, informative, and I’m looking forward to returning for the gall bladder flush. The food and juices were absolutely delicious and so nourishing! The colonics were beyond my wildest dreams—Robin’s intuitiveness, skills, patience, communication, respect and understanding facilitated most relaxing and thorough I’ve ever had. Thank you!

- Name Withheld

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Tavona Givens

hanks so much for everything. I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. Thank you so much for all that you have shared with me. I learned so much about raw foods, the body, reflexology, breathing, water, the list goes on and on. I appreciate and thank you for holding space with the emphasis being on self-healing. I feel as though I have learned so much about the importance of colonics and gall bladder and liver flushes. Thank you for all of your time and effort.

- Tavona Givens
Federal Way, Washington

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Bruce Horowitz, founder of Raw Source, LLC

My stay at the Annapurna Center for Self Healing was undoubtedly the most healing experience of my life. Robin and Antares displayed the right balance of care, support, enthusiasm and professionalism. The facilities are state-of-the-art, yet the center retains an air of coziness. The live-food they prepare is infused with love, as is the whole place. After five colonics, a gall bladder flush and vara sar dhauti, I can truly say that my life (and digestion) has improved immeasurably. The programs offered at the Annapurna are worth more than their cost in dollars and cents: they make sense. The only way to achieve truly optimal health and healing is by thorough deep cleansing, detox and lifestyle adjustment. That is what these treatments and the educational materials and advice available at the Annapurna facilitate. Thank Annapurna Center for Self Healing!!! Go Kucinich!!!!!

- Bruce Horowitz
Master raw food chef and owner-executive of Sun Kitchen; founder of Raw Source, LLC

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Kathi Marin Bemm

Coming to the Annapurna was like coming home—upon entering I was part of the family. A wise family who gently shared their wisdom and then respected me enough to allow me time to process it. All the services were deep-long and thorough. I had never had colon hydrotherapy before. Robin made me completely relaxed and immediately I felt the benefits flowing into me (excuse the pun).
I already know this will become my seasonal retreat for rest and rejuvenation. I take home lots of tips to bring healing into my life, and I know because of my stay here my life will be a healthier one.

Thank you, Robin, Judy and Claire—the food, environment, services and fun here have been a wonderful experience all around.

- Kathi Marin Bemm Yoga Teacher
Snoqualmie, Washington

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DF, Attorney

I was a guest at the Annapurna Retreat Center the week of March 3, 2003. I went there for a week of relaxation and raw-food diet and chose the optional detoxification diet of predominately juices, smoothies and sorbets. I also chose to do the optional “gallbladder flush” in the second half of my week there.

I found my stay there healing and, indeed, detoxifying. The food was fabulous, the staff solicitous and the additional treatments (massage, colonics, sauna) were helpful in assisting my system to carry out the natural cleansing that occurs with a raw-food liquid diet.
The gallbladder flush was so simple (it involved drinking more lemon juice and olive oil than one would normally want), but it was profoundly healing. As you may recall, I got a severe headache for about a day, but my system did obviously release itself of toxins.

As you know, I have suffered from chronic health complaints for many years. After I visited your facility, my physicians told me that my health had improved “like night and day.” I have felt full of energy and vitality ever since. I have recommended the Annapurna to many people I know and will continue to do so. I wish you the best of luck.

- DF, Attorney

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Dan Trail

We are very fortunate to have Robin Sharan with us today, doing the very real, essential and practical healing work and education that she does.

Robin truly devotes herself to the health of those who come to her sessions and retreats and is offering therapies and education which benefit folks long after they return home.

I discovered her Annapurna Center through a friend and came for some colonics with an eye towards a possible gall bladder flush. Whooooooee! The colonics alone are worth the price of admission. What a joy it is to watch years and years of accumulated and toxic buildup and parasites get washed out of your life for good. I decided to make changes in my travel plans and stay the full week and try the gall bladder flush. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. A person doing this therapy needs to have a certain amount of dedication, because the process can be a little uncomfortable and tiring as things get loosened up inside. I stuck with Robin, though, as she ushered me through the ins and outs of it rather like a mother hen. And what a success it was. We watched as stones, stones, stones and more stones traveled down the pipe and out. The actual release brought this dry eyed guy to tears as I realized the sorrow of having carried them for so long with all their harmful effects, and the joy of release and cleanliness inside.
It is a precious thing and already so beneficial even one day afterwards. This morning my eyes were bright and clean and well lubricated, with none of their usual puffiness, or dry, scratchy stinging feelings. Yay! And I’m so light and limber. Even yesterday right after the flush I was skipping and jumping like a frisky boy. My body is free of the stiffness and heaviness I’ve become accustomed to. In addition, semi-arthritic joint pains are gone.
I’m so thankful I did this flush, and plan to return to it as often as necessary to get every last toxic stone out of there. It’s my prayer that more and more of use discover the benefits of this deep cleanse, and restore our gall bladders to the full functioning state they were designed for.

From what I understand, gall bladder removal surgery is the second most common of all surgeries, so chances are pretty good that nearly all of us have some troubles with our own gall bladder. I certainly did, despite six or seven years of intense health consciousness in diet. So why cut it out, or live with a clogged and barely functioning one, when in a week’s time and with some kind and gentle therapy you can have a healthy one??

Hooray for Robin and her peaceful and pleasant home, gardens and spa in beautiful Port Townsend, Washington. I know I’ll be returning.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Dan Trail
Wrangell, Alaska

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Eric Mager

Dear Robin,
I wanted to let you know that things have been going well since my visits to the Annapurna. Some of the many benefits noticed since enjoying your highly skilled and individualized attention include improved clarity of vision, relief from dry eyes, a more supple and flexible lower back region, more open and relaxed breathing, and greater energy level.

Experiencing your ability to restore the body to its natural, healthful state where self-healing is able to occur was invaluable. I have also incorporated excellent new dietary habits and greater self awareness into my daily routines as a result of my stay.

Best of luck to you and your team.

Eric Mager
Oak Harbor, Washington

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Dan Youra

Dear Robin,
I am writing to thank you for the rejuvenated health I have experienced from the therapies I received at The Annapurna Center for Self Healing.

Looking for relief from intestinal problems and hemorrhoids, I gingerly walked into the center. My first visit was to hear Dr. William Wolf talk on the value of Colonic Hydrotherapy. I felt comfortable talking with other people about topics that can be rather embarrassing. Everyone I met was very welcoming and caring.

Convinced that I should give it a try, I made appointments for three sessions of the cleansing therapy. After completing 3 visits, what I can say is “Wow! Why didn’t I do that years ago?”

After the first session I began to see and feel the benefits right away. After the third session I felt like a new person. More energy. Lost weight. Better blood circulation and softer skin. And most importantly, improvement to my digestion and intestinal health with decreased obstruction and irritation of my hemorrhoids. The subsequent massage session and reflexology therapy increased the benefits of the cleansing even more.

From your holistic approach to health I was able to see the relationship between the processed foods I had been eating and the problems I came in with. Such dramatic improvement to my health in such as short time has motivated me to change my diet. Eat live foods. Drop the meat, dairy, sugar and wheat. I had followed a better diet 30 years ago, but I fell off the wagon. My visits to your center helped me to reawaken those more enlightened habits.

With a few simple preparation instructions and a stack of new books from the center, I headed off to the Food Co-op to start my Renewed Life. Now, one week since my first cleansing session, I can honestly say that I am a convert to your self healing program. I’ll be back at the turn of each season to keep my new life humming. See you then.

Yours truly,
Dan Youra
Port Hadlock, Washington
Publisher of Ferry Travel Guide Magazine, Official Olympic Peninsula Guide Magazine, Ferry Travel Map, Olympic Gateway Visitor Map, Olympic Peninsula Map, Olympic National Park Map

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Annapurna Retreat Testimonial

For anyone truly interested in their quality of life and excellent health, and in contributing this wonderful energy to the rest of the world, this is the place to be.
Robin, thank you so very much for these wonderful two days. I feel great and am excited that I now have a real sanctuary to return to for re-vitalization, re-awakening.
We could not have found a better place to regain our complete sense of our health, romance (our goal), and surprising companionship with you and your talented staff.

- Name Withheld

December 27-29, 2001 RETREAT TESTIMONIAL

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Reed Evans-Wright

During the mid-1990s I was plagued with multiple health problems. I’d had full-blown asthma since 1994, high blood pressure (174/114), allergies and abnormal blood sugar levels. During my struggle with these conditions, I believed I ate fairly well and always exercised. I chose not to do conventional medical treatments for these challenges; I knew there had to be a better way.

A friend introduced me to the Living Foods Lifestyle. On March 18, 2000, I went to the Annapurna Retreat in Port Townsend, Washington, on a full-time quest. I stayed for a full week, and during that time I experienced many profound changes. After three days on the Lifestyle, my blood pressure went down to 117/77. Along with the program, I received three colonics and my weight dropped 23 pounds. After 90 days on the program, my weight went from 210 pounds to 150 pounds, where it has now stabilized. My asthma was completely gone in 90 days, and my allergies cleared up.

After leaving the retreat, I returned to Olympia, Washington, where I lived. I looked for a raw foods community for support, but I was unable to find one. Traveling on Easter holiday to Atlanta, Georgia, I was shocked and pleased to find an article written by Brenda Cobb in Aquarius magazine about the raw and Living Foods Lifestyle. They may have been Brenda’s words, but they were my sentiments. After contacting her, I was soon enrolled in the program. After five days I knew I was here to help her spread the word, and I’m a part of the Center today.

The real test for me came in July 2001. I broke my femur in a serious fall, requiring extensive surgery and nearly two weeks’ hospitalization. At the end of those two weeks, I left the hospital on crutches and resumed my teaching responsibilities at the Living Foods Institute.

Much to my doctors’ surprise, by four weeks postoperative my break was nearly healed. Through this entire hospitalization and recovery, I remained 100 percent faithful to the program with Living Foods, colonics and enemas, massage and a positive attitude. I am convinced I owe my recovery to the dramatic changes I’ve embraced in my life.
I’ve been convinced for the last 20 years that all human misery is the result of ignorance, and nothing but knowledge will free us from this ignorance and its effects. The knowledge I am talking about is knowledge of self–especially the knowledge of what to feed oneself.

- Reed Evans-Wright

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Cindy Parsons

I want to thank you for encouraging my husband and me to do the two week “Life Foods” fast. Within the first three days on the fast our bodies started cleansing. The food was delicious and satisfying. We enjoyed learning and doing the yoga asanas you taught us.
We both feel better and more confident about our self care to prevent colds and flu in the future. I love the new feeling of soundness. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

- Cindy Parsons

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To the Gang of Annapurna –
I came as my last resort to chronic pain in the liver area and other places, a compromised digestion system. I could go on about skin, color, medications and frustrations. Robin was able to find the problem and go to work on them all. I now leave two weeks later with lowered blood pressure and pulse, 24 lbs. lighter, a feeling of hope, and a calm rarely felt. A gift of life and a hope for the future was given to me (with lots of work). How can I thank Robin and the wonderful staff at Annapurna? I find it hard, but thank them I do.

- M.A.S.

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I wanted to write last night but was very tired and feeling a little bummed that I wasn’t really energized after releasing so much yesterday and the rest of the days that I stayed here. It wasn’t until this morning that I really felt great.
I came here wanting to do a lot of physical releases and I got so much more than that. I have done so much these six days here that I feel like I am a new person. I got my power back from an abuser from years ago. I claimed so much of myself back that I feel completely whole. Now that is something I haven’t felt for many, many years and it is great to have it now. I moved through some childhood (before birth) things that were holding me back and let me be able to love the child inside of me. I, for the first time that I can remember, felt beautiful completely. I’ve always known I’ve had a beautiful soul, but I was always unsure about the outside. . .not anymore. My mind can no longer play tricks on me. Peoples’ words, beliefs and actions no longer hold power over me.
So in short, what did I get out of this? Completion of myself. I am leaving here feeling the best I have since entering this plane. I have more energy, more belief of my inner self, more trust, more respect, more love.
And four more great wonderful people to share my life with. Thanks to all four of you – for the great food, great talks, walks and all the time and energy that all contributed to my journey of healing.

Lots of love,

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Dear Robin –
Thanks for reminding me that perfection is in many moments of every day and not something that is never reached or found!
And thanks for sharing with me that our bodies are perfect machines to be carefully looked after with lots of love, live food, purified water, and fresh air.
I will take your lessons and spread them. I will see you in Cypress.
With much love.

- M.C.

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October 16, 2004
I wanted to write and explain the progress I have seen since I first saw you. First, to recap, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis approximately one year ago. The symptoms I have kept growing, a little in intensity and in number. Specialists then determined my MS to be secondary progressive. I have a constant numbness in some fingers. I have a “drop foot” condition in my right foot. I had a numbness in both legs which was transitioning to a burning sensation. I also had slightly grainy vision in one eye and terribly grainy, blurry vision in the other eye. I have also been dealing with considerable fatigue and lack of stamina.

I first came to the Annapurna a couple weeks ago and had some colonics and have just finished my second gallbladder flush. In between visits here, I have been eating nothing but organic, raw, live food. I have been physically feeling totally satisfied with my diet, like my body is getting everything it needs.
I have been totally amazed at the improvement in my symptoms. My fatigue issues have greatly reduced. The numbness in my legs has totally gone away. The vision in my left eye is a little better – but amazingly the vision in my right eye is tremendously improved. I can almost read with it. It is almost as if layers are being removed from the eye that previously blocked my sight.

I need no more encouragement than this to continue the cleansing process at Annapurna. I can also see no reason to go back to eating cooked food. Not only do I feel it has no nourishment, but it is toxic to my body.
Thank you all at Annapurna for helping me to improve the quality of my life.

- R.L.

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October 19, 2004
I came to Annapurna in support of my partner and went through the gallbladder flush. I feel good – the flush is hard work for a positive result. Thank you for your kindness and support.

- M.

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October 19, 2004
I came here to Annapurna to avoid surgery for gallstones. I was told by my health care provider that surgery was essential or a gallstone could very likely lodge in a bile duct and I could die. I felt a lot of fear when I was told this, but nevertheless decided to move forward with a safer, non-invasive alternative.
I went through the first stage of the protocol here, even though I had some reservations about the efficacy of this treatment. Some of the aspects of the procedures were uncomfortable, but Robin was fairly supportive and I felt like I was in a safe and nurturing space.

After the first session I feel better, lighter and more optimistic about being much healthier now and in the future. I have an attitude of gratitude and that is not just a platitude (seriously).


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Today has been the tenth day without back pain. Last Saturday I cut, split, and stored a half cord of wood. Yesterday I finished building the walls for the workshop, and today I dug up the water piping and installed freeze protection. All that work and no back pain.
The arrhythmia, which started after last year’s mercury-preserved flu shot has finally subsided, and my heart seems to be pumping normally. The lung congestion that has been hanging on for a few weeks has also vanished. The pain in my knees is just a bad memory.
Now I feel strong enough to survive another winter here on the Olympic Peninsula. I am regaining my strength and ability. With a little luck, I will finish installing my Solar Assisted Heat Pump Heating System, before the winter really sets in.
With all my heart, I thank you Robin.

- D.E.K.

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I have spent four weeks at the Annapurna with a conscious mission to cleanse through colonics and gallbladder flushes.

I began my first week to wash the insides of my body with the filtered water from God (each session had a profound clear experience). I felt after two weeks my body completely clear from the top of my head to my knees. A lifting occurred each week from the 7th chakra down to the feet. I began to eat less and less, and my intestines cleared and relaxed after the third session. My 4th week was on a different level all together. It tapped into bloodline DNA memory and began to touch the deepest present memory I am working with now in present time. A root cause of a cancer condition I am carrying toward the release I am driven to achieve.

The Annapurna Center is a one-of-a-kind experience. The highest integrity and light essence flows here. The constant attention heals. The systematic way the sessions are produced work in the highest good for all.

I also believe in the process of cleansing the liver as the one and only way to achieve one’s health goals. It’s a start to a bigger and new way to live with ultimate respect for all living creatures inside and outside our bodies and the human world we walk in.

Four stars and five for the divine star dust the people who work here produce with their beings and intentions. I shall return for three more sessions in the coming month.

- J.O.

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Dear Robin –
Thanksgiving has passed and I am preparing to do another gallbladder cleanse before company begins to arrive again.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for the great kindness, encouragement and expertise you showed me during my first cleanse. You have a loving heart, Robin, and it was very easy to see that fame and fortune is not your primary motivation.

Thank you for working me into your schedule and being willing to give me a chance long distance. You should have seen those beautiful gallstones!
May you be blessed by God for your passion for others.

Most sincerely,

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To Robin & The Annapurna Inn Staff and other Workers –
Thank you for a very splendid week. All kinds of portals are open! I came here with diagnosed gallbladder problems and recommended surgery, and chose to try your flush before submitting to the knife. Your process met and exceeded my expectations – to dump my stones, do good for other organs, and participate in a health-inducing experience rather than surrender to unconsciously handing over body parts.
Thank you for much more than this – to learn about and experience live food, vastly enjoy my fellow guests, delight in the wisdom and humor of Robin, and benefit from all your expertise and kindness.

Much gratitude,

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Deborah Koons Garcia

Dear Robin –
Thank you so much for your hospitality here at Annapurna Inn, and for the delicious food, wonderful massage and good conversation. Thank you also for your support for my film, “The Future of Food.” It’s been a very positive experience here in Port Townsend.

- Deborah Koons Garcia,
Director and Producer of “The Future of Food,”
(a documentary on the effects of genetically modified food)

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Dear Robin:

Last spring, 2004, I did a gallbladder cleanse under your guidance at the Annapurna Center for Self-Healing, and I send a grand Thank You. It stunningly improved some chronic health conditions, and provided added beneficial effects for me.

My relevant medical issues are these: despite leading a fairly healthy lifestyle, for all of my life I have had severe allergies and parched, dehydrated skin prone to infections and painful rashes. I occasionally get mild migraines. For the last several years, I had been extremely ill from the accumulated effects of chronic and acute exposures to toxic chemicals in the environment. And, although doctors could find no basis for it, I was increasingly plagued with a sugar craving that was proving embarrassing. While people laugh about being “addicted” to chocolate, I literally was. While I don’t prefer sugary desserts and beverages, when presented with them, I would eat all that were available, and sometimes casually (and guiltily) would munch down a half cup of plain sugar. Aside from all of that, last year I was planning an extended overseas trip into very hot climates. Because of my skin condition, my skin does not sweat, so I was very concerned about my ability to handle the heat.

In recent years, I had been trying various system cleanses with good but gradual results. I first heard of colonics years ago in (of all places) Steve Martin’s movie “L.A. Story.” It sounded valuable, but not aesthetically appealing. When an acquaintance did a gallbladder cleanse with you at the Annapurna, I learned much more about it; still it took a couple years to work up the courage to try it myself. I needn’t have worried.
The gallbladder cleanse is somewhat involved, so it was good to have guidance, with support from you and other guests at the Center who were also doing it. As you know, I did the preparatory juice “fast” and castor oil packs for four weeks instead of two because of a situation at home. Upon doing the gallbladder cleanse, I eliminated a stunning quantity of marble-sized green gallstones and was surprised to feel better immediately. I felt more alert, more clearheaded, and my sense of smell was greatly enhanced: I was able to smell an orange from across a room; going into a vegetable market was a delightful new experience. My allergic reactions have been greatly reduced. I’ve had neither sneezing attacks nor migraines since the cleanse.
The best immediate effect was that I instantly found my long-term chocolate and sugar addictions gone. I no longer feel desperate needs for sugar or chocolate. I didn’t have any chocolate for months afterwards, and when offered some, it was pleasant to try, but I didn’t require it. Sugar was tough to dodge, because so much of it is pushed on you in social and foreign situations. But it is wonderful to be free of addictive cravings.
On the trip, another surprise awaited me. With temperatures reaching a balmy 40°C (104°F) by as early as 9:00 a.m, and later as high as 45°C (113°F), I was delighted to watch sweat bead up and pour from my forearms and the backs of my hands. Finally my skin works. As long as I kept stoked with lots of water and electrolytes, I felt great!

Of course traveling entails health stresses, and some of my conditions are quite deeply seated, so it will take further cleanses to completely root them out. I’m quite jazzed to undertake additional cleanses, and to continue with the healing that you’ve taught me. Thank you so much!

Good wishes,

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Robin, Connie and Helma,

I am so thankful for the privilege of getting to know you and participate in a five-day cleanse at the Annapurna. I came in feeling good and left feeling great! I felt so cared for and nurtured by all of you during the process. We really appreciated the late night delivery of ginger tea to our room, was that ever good.

It has been a week since Rob and I completed the program and we have no desire to eat anything but raw foods. I think we will continue with the live food regimen for several weeks to give our bodies the resources to
continue to get better.

As you know, I came to the Center to support Rob who has been having foot problems. I consider myself to a very healthy 54-year-old woman. Little did I know the benefits I would reap from this cleanse. I am noticing a difference in my skin, many of the brown spots on my upper lip have disappeared. There used to be a dull pain in my stomach area when I would massage it, I figured everyone felt that. I have no ache in that area

When I run or do my workout, I feel very strong and light (got to love that!). I feel like I’ve had a real tune up.

I feel so fortunate that Rob and I did this program as a team because
through your guidance and encouragement, we are both changing the way we eat and are able to inspire each other.

Robin, I especially appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge of
healing so fluidly, I believe this process will change our lives forever.


P.S. Robin, thanks for the Transformation Breathing CD, that is amazing!
I will tell you all about it next time we play Scrabble…

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I came to The Annapurna Center for Self Healing, not really knowing what to expect. I knew that I needed to do “something” about my state of un-wellness. I’d had an emergency trip to the local E.R. one evening with severe pains in my side. I was told I had an “enlarged gallbladder”! I’d felt ill and not right for more years than I’d care to remember. I knew I needed a healing experience on a much deeper level than I could get at the doctor’s office where I was being given one prescription after another.

I needed to come to The Annapurna so that I could listen to my body and soul and give it what it needed. And I did! I received the best expertise, compassion and care from a team of remarkable people. I have never felt so cared for, listened to and respected in my life. I’ve come away with priceless riches – a feeling of vibrancy and energy like I’ve not experienced since I was a child! A Love of fresh, delicious raw food (“food” never tasted this good before . . . what have I been eating all my life??) And a sense of acceptance of my own body – it’s like I’m happier with myself. I like the skin I’m in!! I feel empowered to take charge of my own healing. My body responded so well to the cleanse, I know that I am finally on the right path :-)

Thank you Robin and most excellent staff and friends of TheAnnapurna . . . I owe you my life.


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Sam Meade

I came to the Annapurna Center for Self-Healing with my wife, to give her “support” while she was getting a gallbladder cleanse (“support” meaning I’d hold her hand and encourage her, maybe do some of the yoga stuff with her, but mostly stay in our room and catch up on work). But Annapurna’s Director, Robin, convinced me (over my intense misgivings) that it would be better – no essential – for me to participate

fully with Patti. And she was right. (She always is.) The experience brought us closer and deepened our relationship. And those words are completely inadequate to express what happened; only those who have experienced it can now.

An unexpected side-effect was the aqmazing change in my own health. I am literally, a new man. Just as the Center’s program produced better communication on many levels, with my wife, it also resulted in better comunication between me and my body – an awareness I’d never had before of just what my body is trying to tell me.

A caveat to the coddled: this is the Annapurna Center for Self Healing. It’s not a bunch of hippies sitting around a campfire musing about self-awareness. This is a radical change to your body, and it’s hard physical work. Be aware, when you come here, that it isn’t going to be easy. Nothing worth doing is easy, and there’s nothing more worth doing than this. But Robin is the perfect combination of mother hen and drill sergeant. She’ll get you through it, and you’ll love her for it.

Robin, Ciela, Aleta, Charlie, Sarah – you have changed my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sam Meade

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Alison H.

I found my experience at the Annapurna to be profound. I made the decision to do the week long flush because I had been under an extreme amount of stress over the past few years and was feeling depleted of energy and enthusiasm. I know that stress can create toxins that are stored in the body. But I had no idea the results I would find. In five days I felt as if I had regained the energy I had twenty years ago. I felt calm and optimistic. I had been concerned about not having energy during the process of the flush. As I was still needing to be working throughout the week I anticipated that I would be more tired than usual, but I was delighted at the fact that I had plenty of energy during the whole week.

I plan on making it an annual routine, as I feel it will add to my overall health and well being tremendously.

Alison H.
The Silverwater Cafe
Port Townsend Washington

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Bill Porter

July 8, 2010

Dear Robin Sharan,

Ever since I completed the liver-gall bladder cleanse at the
Annapurna Inn, I’ve been waiting to hear back from my allopathic
primary care provider on how this process had affected his view of
my health. I finally received his results today. For months he had
been trying to convince me to take medications to lower these number.
I resisted, hoping to find an alternative. I’m glad I waited.

Before the cleanse, my blood pressure was 145/96 and my LDL cholesterol was 168.

As a result of the colonics and liver-gall bladder cleanse, my blood pressure is now 120/83 and my LDL cholesterol is 130. My primary care physician
still doesn’t understand how this was possible, especially in such a short time, but the numbers don’t like. All he could do was scratch his head.

- Bill Porter / Red Pine

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Lucretia, 91 years old

My name is Lucretia. I am 91 years old.

For the last five years I have not felt well. After a very bad fall, I had no energy. My balance was off to a point that I staggered when I walked. I had pains on the right side of my stomach and soon I developed a terrible itching all over my body. I went to my doctor about all of these problems, but they had no answer or help. My granddaughter was doing a program with Robin and mentioned my problems. She brought Robin to my house and Robin encouraged me to participate in her program. I started the very next day. I did not stay at the Center as I live just down the street. My first colonic was unbelievable, even with the Epson salt cleansing from the night before. I continued on for the rest of the program. They supply great foods and wonderful Kangen water. It was hard for me to drink the gallon of water, but you do it because you know it is important.

After several days I was starting to feel better. The itching was less and the pain on my side which is my liver didn’t hurt as much. I was preparing for the gallbladder cleanse. I am starting to feel so relaxed and at peace. The Annapurna Center certainly provides all that and more.

Time for the gallbladder cleanse – I spent the night at The Annapurna to prepare for it. We had the olive oil juice and Epsom salts and the castor oil packs and went to bed. We were up early as we had to drink a gallon of water. We then had a colonic and the passing of stones, mucous and more. The cleansing was unbeliveable. As of now, I have no more itching and the pain on my side is gone. Has this program exceeded my expectations? Yes and more. It is so beneficial and health giving.

What is so wonderful at Annapurna are the people there, so loving and caring. I certainly recommend this program to all.

August 4, 2009

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